Do More

If you’d like to be involved or contribute in any way, please get in touch at <email>. Below is also a list of charities and organisations who play their part in creating an equal society, by empowering young people and encouraging a world of equal opportunity.

So if you feel like you want to do more, find out what you’re most passionate about and get in touch.

Women, girls and gender equality

Fearless Futures                  
Young Women’s Trust        

Men, boys and masculinity

The Great Men Project       
100 Black Men                     


It Gets Better                       

Religious groups

Muslim Youth Helpline      
Muslim Youthwork Foundation

General youth

Advocacy Academy             
Reclaim  (working class)   
Young People Matter         
Prince’s Trust                       
Youth Makes Music            
UK Youth                               
Inspiring the future             
Childrens Society                 
Tomorrow’s People            
Go Think Big                         


Black Role Models UK        
Kick it Out                             
100 Black Men                     

Mental health and wellbeing

Young minds