11 Awkward Moments that Happen During Ramadan

I dare you to try Ramadan. Just one day. No food or drink from sunrise to sunset. Nothing. Have you got the willpower?

Ramadan is an Islamic festival, celebrated by the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims, as a period of fasting, prayer and giving to charity. For those who practice, it’s aimed to strengthen self control, encourage self improvement, and be good to yourself and others.

For people not taking part in Ramadan, this might seem like a strange process, so it’s always good to learn more…so here, you can see how it affects people’s day to day lives.

Do you celebrate Ramadan? What awkward moments do you have? What does Ramadan mean to you?

Learn more

What is Ramadan? http://islam.about.com/od/ramadan/f/ramadanintro.htm
Muslim Youth Helpline: http://www.myh.org.uk/
Muslim Youthwork Foundation: http://www.mywf.org.uk/index.php



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